68.32 SEK, 62.18 SEK Netflix releases a new poster for its upcoming sequel series, That '90s Show, which places the main cast back in a major set from That '70s Show. To recreate the most authentic "That '70s Basement" experience in your home whether in a finished, downstairs lair or a family room local thrift and antique stores are excellent places to hunt down items from as far back as the 1950s. The poster features returning cast members from That '70s Show, Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith as Kitty and Red Forman, as well as the new cast of teenagers that will be taking over the Formans' basement for another summer in Point Place, WI. "Your dining room looks best when your tables and chairs look coordinated by not bought as a set," according to expert Maria Killam, decorator and stylist. Rotary phones still come in tons of shapes and colors, and they still workif you're dying to make a call on one (viaConcord Monitor). Easy-Going 2 Pieces Microfiber Stretch Sofa Slipcover, 2. "This is a middle-class family attempting to be stylish with the money that they have," production designer Garvin Eddy told Entertainment Weekly. Even if you don't have a landline, this prop helps to bring the room together. If youve already done that, your item hasnt arrived, or its not as described, you can report that to Etsy by opening a case. It was the ultimate teen hangout with no adults allowed -- mostly. It would look perfect in your new Forman basement. Not only are the only products on the shelves products that would have been available and used at the time but they are also in the boxes/packaging that the company would have been using at the time that the show takes place. The Wise Words From Eric Forman's Basement Art Print. The walls are covered in posters, the wall-to-wall shag carpeting is purple, and colorful decorative details popincluding a fuzzy journal, plastic makeup cases, and a CD collection. Those partners may have their own information theyve collected about you. The piece could've easily come from little Eric Forman's childhood room. Lets obsess over them together. The Packers helmet is basically another cast member you'll catch it hanging around the basement and even outside in the wild, as seen in a Season 6 episode. 0. The official poster for That '90s Show has arrived. 251.83 SEK, 296.34 SEK The poster features returning cast members from That '70s Show, Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith as Kitty and Red Forman, as well as the new cast of teenagers that will be taking over the Formans' basement for another summer in Point Place, WI. Want to know more? Even Red ( Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty ( Debra Jo Rupp) Forman's '50s-inspired looks reinforce their old-fashioned values that are now situated in a modern environment. Read our Cookie Policy. Why Jackie From That '70s Show Was The Worst Collectibles store), and the elo . $17. Netflix recently released the first official trailer for the sequel series, which also featured most of the original main cast of That '70s Show. Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB Direct-Drive Turntable, 8. Don't forget your cyber resources online shopping can connect you with whatever a brick-and-mortar store doesn't offer. I was wondering if anyone ever thought of listing the posters on the characters bedrooms walls? Zooey's first book, "Lavender Reverie" is now available to purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The stupid helmet is a football helmet that is given to someone to wear when they do or say something that is so daft that they need to be punished for doing so. Original Price $19.00 At the far end of the basement, under the stairs, is a room that the Forman family originally used to house storage until it became Hyde's (and briefly Jackie's) room after he moved in. $16.15, $19.00 document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Would you like some beers from the forman's kitchen? Another constant in the "That '70s Show" basement is a small, white-framed, clown-colored dresser only shown in quick flashes (thankfully), as it sits stage-left of the gang's usual gathering spot. "I always felt that Kitty loved a theme, so I found lots of berry-themed items for the kitchen as well as exact matches of items that were in the kitchen originally," Stepheneson-Fong tells House Beautiful. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. Adding throw pillows to a couch, chair, or window bench is a simple, inexpensive way to take an uninspired room and make it pop, as perColdwell Banker Real Estate. Add to Favorites . Related: Modern Family: Every Main Character Ranked By Funniness. Ever heard of the pretty chair test? We need to take a moment to appreciate the amount of work that the prop department and set dressers put into this show. Other aspects of the basement include the TV,cleaning supplies, washer and dryer, fridge and freezer with sodas and ice cream, a tricycle, an American flag chest, records, a record player, an old guitar, 8-tracks, a radio anda Green Bay Packers helmet (The Stupid Helmet). That '70s Show Poster, Eric Forman Wall Art, Rolled Canvas Print, TV Series Poster Gift 5 out of 5 stars (183) Sale Price $19.80 $ 19.80 $ 33.00 Original Price $33.00 . Etsy offsets carbon emissions from shipping and packaging on this purchase. What's the 1970s without rock n' roll? Teenagers don't." Masterson, however, will not return for the series after he was ordered to stand trial for three rape charges in Los Angeles, CA. Etsy is powered by 100% renewable electricity. And it's not a hard thing to replicate in your '70s-inspired home, whether you're redesigning the basement or recreating your living room. $19.55, $23.00 Please contact the seller if you have any problems with your order. "One of the pieces I love in that room, found at the Warner Bros. Property Department, is her dresser that has a collage of shapes and colors all over it," Stepheneson-Fong says. House Beautiful was actually one of the vintage magazines that I used as a reference for drapery and pillow styles as well as prints and patterns, the decorator says. This basement was featured so heavily in the show that many fans might even feel a personal attachment to the location. Behind the couch, Forman has a yellow and red globe light hanging next to the shower. It was a time, after all, when social media and streaming services were a thing of the far-distant future, and maybe more fit for the show's upcoming Netflix sequel, "That '90s Show.". And if you're fully committed to the vintage vibe, you can still watch TV on an old screen (viaLifewire). In That 70s Show, you may pay the most attention to the central living area where everyone gathers to talk and watch TV, but it's often the items surrounding the main area that bring the That 70s Show feel. Unique Eric Formans Basement Posters designed and sold by artists. Look at each and every product on the shelves in the basement, be it a board game, cleaning supplies, or something else along those lines. This Direct-Drive Turntable with speakers is silver with a see-through top and includes two large speakers with green accents. A half-hour, hip situation comedy series focusing on an eclectic group of friends who are typical teens on the verge of young adulthood only its the 70s. Though the stupid helmet is not often used in terms of plot, it can be seen in the background of many episodes. 230.28 SEK, 255.93 SEK That '90s Show has officially hit Netflix, meaning its time to return to Point Place for another dose of unforgettable memories. Forman's basement wouldn't be much of a hangout without a loveseat. It's noticeable throughout the series that the direction the basement faces is sideways from the direction the ground floor of the house faces (if it were a real house). And you won't have to do much to improve on the flat, dingy (and seemingly pointless) decorative pillows on the '70s-inspired sitcom couch. They can often be seen popping down in order to do laundry or quickly grab Eric or tell one of his friends to go home, but they are rarely seen actually spending time in their own basement. . Similar Designs More from This . Formally known as Eric's "Bat Cave," the basement is the hangout for Eric's friends, where they spend most of their time hanging out, eating sweets, watching bad TV and sitting in a circle. somechickonpinterest 253 followers More information Eric Foreman's Basement. The ensemble cast included Topher Grace as Eric Forman, Laura Prepon as Donna Pinciotti, Mila Kunis as Jackie Burkhart, Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso, Wilder Valderrama as Fez and Danny Masterson as Steven Hyde. Other very 90s updates to the Forman house include a plaid-patterned sofa with floral throw pillows with ruffles in the living room. Learn more. One of these things is the shower curtain hanging behind the record player. Original Price 144.50 SEK Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Start the search for your analog TV in a secondhand store or online marketplace,like Ebay, keeping an eye out for sets as old as the 1960s. There you can find shades that scream "grandma's house" (like this ornate ruffle shade) or "groovy, baby" (like this hanging orangeglobe light) and combine them in one space. Your That 70s Show basement is going to need some light and what better way to get that light than from a hanging globe ball? From specific props to callbacks to other episodes, the Forman basement is absolutely brimming with hidden details that are just begging to be noticed (but might have been missed by even the most dedicated fans.). With five or six people hanging out in the basement on That 70s Show, a loveseat isn't enough for all of them to sit. All of the Can't-Miss Set Design Details in "That '90s Show", Where All the Celebs Stayed for the Met Gala. The attention to detail is so perfect. Easy-Going 2 Pieces Microfiber Stretch Sofa Slipcover, Magnussen Furniture Yukon Round Coffee Table, Richardson Seating Retro Chrome Kitchen Chair, Riddell NFL Full Size Replica Speed Helmet, Wicker Rattan Globe Ball Style Ceiling Pendant Light Lampshade, Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB Direct-Drive Turntable, Home Intuition Amplified Single Line Corded Desk Telephone, Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain for Bathroom by jinchan, Well Woven Ennie Red Vintage Oriental Pattern Area Rug, 1. You might think about adding a small TV stand with a TV in your That 70s Show basement, but the television isn't really the focus of the room. You can only make an offer when buying a single item. $17. A great addition to my apartment decor! By Cybertruck2024r. (15% off), Sale Price $19.55 The long-running sitcom's production designer and set decorator purposely added elements from the 1950s and '60s to further accentuate the idea that the Wisconsinites (or Cheeseheads, respectfully) were not a wealthy family with the money or desire to keep up with the Joneses, redecorating every time a new trend kicked in. Screen Rant has affiliate and sponsored partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from some of your purchases. And youcan easily incorporate all those colorful textures and patterns you craved in pillows, wall art, and even statement pieces as small as flowers in a vase. Some information and/or images in this header may be provided either partially or in full from The Movie Database. This classic lawn chair in spring fling pattern has white arms and a silver frame. That '90s Show returns to Eric Forman's basement in a new poster for the upcoming Netflix series. Not much changed aesthetically in phones between the 1950s and '70s, and the Formans weren't interested in fixing what wasn't broken, so it should be easy to find a phone inspired by one of these eras. (40% off), Sale Price 251.83 SEK Zooey Norman is a writer, mother, and film enthusiast. Serving as a follow-up to That '70s Show (that also conveniently forgets the panned, short-lived spinoff That '80s Show), the new series brings . That '70s Show (1998) Crank up the 8-track and flash back to a time when platform shoes and puka shells were all the rage in this hilarious retro-sitcom. If you pay close attention, you'll notice an old-school, all-in-one eight-track turntable and cassette player, and LP stacks behind the loveseat in the Forman basement. Follow her on Instagram. When updating the Forman kitchen, set designer Greg Grande chose a fruit and rooster theme with blue cabinetry to replace the owl theme with green cabinetry from That 70s Show. We figured Red and Kitty would redecorate, but they would do it with wallpaper, not with major additions, co-creator Terry Turner said in a press brief. You might as well snag that corded rotary phone and those vintage LPs while you're at it! Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsys Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. If you were on the ground floor, walking from the kitchen to the living room, you would be facing the front of the house. See on amazon. The scene transitions prominently feature the That 70's Show flower (smiley button in initial airings) doing different things to entertain viewers over the scene changes.These are including but not limited to: Filling the screen with multi-colored flowers. Cookies and similar technologies are used to improve your experience, to do things like: Without these technologies, things like personalized recommendations, your account preferences, or localisation may not work correctly. The television, the hot water tank, the washer, dryer, and deep freezer that can all be seen in the different episodes that feature the basement are all period-accurate pieces. The rear exit will take you to the kitchen. Hello wisconsin that '70s show vintage posters canvas wall print art living room wall artwork paintings for bathroom decor no frame. Turning off the personalized advertising setting wont stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. Take full advantage of our site features by enabling JavaScript. Because i wanna know more about which bands were most popular and i think it would help know more about the characters musical preferences. We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. Etsys 100% renewable electricity commitment includes the electricity used by the data centers that host Etsy.com, the Sell on Etsy app, and the Etsy app, as well as the electricity that powers Etsys global offices and employees working remotely from home in the US. In a way, we all grew up in that basement. The basement also has two windows: one on the way down the stairs, and one near the shower curtain. (15% off), Sale Price $18.70 She recommends using chalk paint because it's thick, easy to use, and leaves a solid coat. Great! (15% off), Sale Price 311.10 SEK Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Danny Masterson (Steve Hyde) What youwant on the end table is a 70s landline. This is one of the most prominent sets of the show. $5.23, $7.48 Original Price $23.00 You can also use a large, floor-to-ceiling curtain to split one room into two, or line a blank wall with one to create three-dimensional, flowy wallpaper (viaHouse Beautiful). We picked the best retro items to make that happen. It's hard to remember the posters, but knowing what bands they've talked about and make reference is a good way to see the musical preferences that you talked, it's one of the best things that the show have to present the 70s young culture, and one of the things that got me in the first place, man. For Eric, Kelso, Jackie, Hyde, Donna and Fez, a group of high school teens who spend most of their time hanging out in Erics basement, life in the 70s isnt always so groovy. or a special baggy from hyde? Set in the era of Led Zeppelin 8-tracks, Tab colas and Farrah Fawcett posters, THAT 70s SHOW continues to flash back to the Me Decade during the seventh season. To make things all the more authentic, some of the original That '70s Show cast even brought back props. The basement's main features include a couch next to two plastic chairs and a wagon-wheel table. 5 out of 5 stars (91) Described as "smart like her mom, snarky like her dad," Leia is ready for a new adventure and finds it "next door to her grandparents' house in Point Place. Ashton Kutcher (Michael Kelso) This tan microfiber stretch fitted slipcover will fit any loveseat between 46.5 and 63-inches in length. Magnussen Furniture Yukon Round Coffee Table. You may not be from Wisconsin, but you probably know its folks have Green Bay Packers running through their veins, and the Forman family was no different. According to Mirror80, 1970s parents weren't afraid of bold color combinations. That 70s Show featured a small Wisconsin town where we followed a group of teens through 70s living. Things left out on the table include headphones for the music players, an earpiece for the tv, random chips and playboy or porno magazines. Don't worry about losing your electric taste in the subtleness of a plain, boring-on-the-surface beige sofa. Shes been with the team for nearly three years, attending industry events and covering a range of topics. Poster That 70's Show forman's Basement - Etsy This Digital Prints item by BKArtchitect has 125 favorites from Etsy shoppers. Please do not resell, share, or distribute these images beyond personal use. You can follow Emily on Twitter at @emilyrosezombie. A great way to accomplish the unique lighting combinations seen in the early-2000s sitcom is to hit up thrift shops and flea markets, according to Set Dcor. Related: 10 of Lucy Ricardos Funniest Quotes, But a lot of work goes into creating such an iconic location. The decorator sourced many items from vintage stores and antique malls with the hardest item to find being the living room coffee table. In a way, we all grew up in that basement. $18.70, $22.00 Not only do they have vintage, but also the 'stuff' of the right class this is supposed to be middle-class Wisconsin in the 1970s," she told Set Decor. The reddish-brownish-orangish rug in the center of the gang's downstairs hideout isn't exactly the star of the show (or the basement), but you'd probably notice if it were missing. When Eric and Donna broke up, Eric didn't want Donna hanging out there anymore, essentially kicking her out of the group. Original Price $22.00 Donna made it into the circle a bit earlier than Jackie, but it is important to note that the circle is a boys club most of the time. No, they ensured that they filled their sets with appliances and objects that would have been available to a family of their income level in the period in which the show was set. Topher Grace (Eric Forman) Then Enter you're email here! That 70s Show Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Yes! In order to give you the best experience, we use cookies and similar technologies for performance, analytics, personalization, advertising, and to help our site function. One could understand why they would not want to participate in the circle as often as the boys like to. Poster That 70 S Show Forman Basement Australia Set Decor Tv Features That 70 S Show That 90s Show Set Design Details 70s Spinoff Blueprints For Eric Foreman S Basement Search Yahoo Image Results That 70s Show 70 That 70s Show Poster 70 S Print That 70s Show Living Room Set Retro Style Designs That 70s Show Thetvdb Com You can do a lot with a simple, colorful curtain, like purchasing a small tension rod to hang one from an open doorframe. This Retro Chrome Kitchen Chair is cracked ice gray with a silver-colored frame and a cushioned back. This full size Packers helmet replica is a must-have for your Forman basement. And while you might not want to bring in a record player from the 70s, you can still add one that will fit in perfectly with your re-creation. Home Intuition Amplified Single Line Corded Desk Telephone, 9. (15% off). Original Price 102.91 SEK Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain for Bathroom by jinchan, 10. to get every grovy 70's item from our basement!!! ), look for one that matches your aesthetic, color scheme, and given space. $26.18. Kelly Allen is the current Associate Editor at House Beautiful, where she covers design, pop culture, and travel for digital and the print magazine. So do we. Don Stark (Bob Pinciotti), Your email address will not be published. If you're a crafty DIY-er, and have no interest purchasing actual LPs, you can invest in a pack of fake, blank records online and create your own labels or simply stack them in a shelf to achieve the aesthetic. She wishes she had been a dancer. According to specialists like The Lighting Gallery, achieving the ideal lightingstarts with layering different types of lamps to encourage the right mood and dimension in a given space. As seen on DigsDigs, you can repurpose your new chest as a cool coffee table, beautiful bedside bench, or even a handy home bar. About the show: That 70's Show Set in the era of Led Zeppelin 8-tracks, Tab colas and Farrah Fawcett posters, THAT '70s SHOW continues to flash back to the "Me Decade" during the seventh season. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Shop online or in-store for the perfect storage chest, whether it's traditional wood, accented with shiny silver or gold, or a durable, modern metal piece, perfect for long-term storage. So, the more seating, the better even if it doesn't match. Even after Eric leaves Point Place inSeason 8, the gang still hangs out in the basement, on account of Hyde still living there. It's safe to say the new sitcom is packed with enough nostalgiafor That '70s Show and the '90sin the set design alone to make you feel as though you're being met with a warm embrace. Okay, we all know exactly what those boys (and occasionally girls) were doing in that circle. Watching the show, all you wanted to do was walk into the basement, chill on the sofa, and participate in the circle. To enable personalized advertising (like interest-based ads), we may share your data with our marketing and advertising partners using cookies and other technologies.

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